Musings From Babylon

I suppose this shall be introductory. I lie here, 3:03 in the wee hours of Thursday morning pounding the keys of my notebook listlessly. Not the late morning I had envisioned, but apropos nonetheless.

I say this because I have put off blogging seriously for a long while. Years even. Considering how much I contemplate and ponder, I needed a conduit in which to pour my musings. I figured, “Why not WordPress?”

Abagond inspired me to venture into the blogging scene. I have been reading his work religiously since I discovered him late last year. The first post I read was entitled The three pillars of American white supremacy.

I had blogged several times before in the past, but the permanence of past endeavors were ephemeral to say the least. Aside from microblogging on Facebook and occasionally tweeting random shit, Tumblr was my stomping ground. It was cathartic. It was a wasteland of adolescent angst. I would soon retire, however. I grew older, what can I say. Along with increasing physical age, I grew wiser. I developed post-conventional morality according to Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory. I developed a fond interest in philosophy and psychology and subsequently began to understand the inner workings of the mind and the macrocosm of the world as we know it.

I became – “conscious.”

Indubitably so, I seek to actively learn each day. Whether that be through independent study or through social interaction and observation. I incessantly strive to expand the dimensions of my frame of reference.

I know some may be wondering – why Babylon? Well, I borrowed the term from Rastafarianism. No, I am not a Rasta, but I subscribe to quite a few of their beliefs. I happen to be a fan of the nu-metal band P.O.D. who routinely reference Babylon in their lyrics. I recorded a song titled the same.

Babylon simply represents the western world and its contemptible culture of white hegemony. It’s centuries of downplayed imperialist aggression. It’s centuries of scandal and disenfranchisement. It’s centuries of denying human rights to those who served as the thoroughbred workhorses of this country and continue to as our physical shells disproportionately fuel the prison industrial complex.

From Babylon, with love ….


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