Charlie’s Challenge

Image from Inquistr article.

Charlie’s Challenge (2015) is yet another addition to the new wave of internet hysteria; particularly challenges  involving folk depriving themselves of oxygen, swallow raw cinnamon, pour buckets of ice cold water on their heads, and lighting themselves on fire for juvenile amusement at their own expense…. and a medical bill. What sets the Charlie Challenge apart from the others is it’s futile and wearisome attempt to invoke a demon by incessantly incanting “Charlie Charlie,” followed by arbitrary questions in which the supposedly present daemon “answers” by moving the superior pencil’s point towards one of the four squares written yes/no. A dull and repetitive showing that sounds more like 9th graders practicing anaphora than a conjuring.

To do the challenge, participants need a few materials:

  • Notebook paper (Wide or College, doesn’t matter)
  • No. 2 Pencils (particularly ones with hexagonal shape able to lay on one another in intersecting fashion)
  • A smartphone (optional, dependent upon if sharing with others)
  • Imbecile friends (preferably obnoxious and superstitious)

The irrationality of those who subscribe to this spookism is fucking hilarious.

It is psychological rot at it’s finest form.

Self-proclaimed paranormal experts are crawling out of the woodwork; regurgitating their shallow knowledge of contemporary horror films. Most of the critics and naysayers of this challenge are Christians (who are horrendously irrational themselves). By reflex, they rebuke the participants and automatically condemn them to Hell (which according Revelations doesn’t exist yet) for treating the seriousness of conjuring spirits so lightly. If you are going to make claims, especially from the Bible, please at least read the shit first. It is as if people do not have one functioning brain cell to critically think about the challenge. The rationalizations made are laughable and eerily similar to many of those made during the Dark Ages. Some have even asserted that mental disorders and hallucinating under the influences of drugs is proof of demonic possession. “Because of this, it must be this,” rhetoric. Correlation is not causation. 

  1. Demons aren’t omnipresent. Considering that multiple persons are doing this challenge simultaneously, is Charlie putting them all in the queue and will get to them after others have finished?
  2. Is Charlie really going back and forth turning pencils and answering frivolous questions?
  3. Could it be that someone is blowing on the pencil?
  4. It is not real.

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