McKinney, a suburb of Dallas, Texas, became #McKinney, a Twitter hashtag, on Sunday June 7th 2015. That was when a seven-minute video of a pool party on Friday went viral on the Internet. It shows Corporal Eric Casebolt, a White police officer, throwing a 15-year-old Black girl, Dajerria Becton, to the ground – “On your face!” – and putting his knees in her back as she cries in pain. Apparently he did not like something she said. When two unarmed Black teenage boys try to help her, he pulls a gun on them (not his taser).



Some watch the video and see an out-of-control police officer endangering the lives of children. Others watch it and see an officer endangered by out-of-control teenagers.

The mayor, for his part, was “disturbed and concerned.”

Casebolt has been put on paid leave (paid vacation) while the police investigate themselves.

The pool party took place…

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“Girl Bestfriend”



Homegirl, Bae, Boo, “Just a lil sum to do,” side chick, “Big head,” nun major, bussdown, fun girl, “my suh”

Lol, I wasn’t going to do one and not the other. As with a boy best-friend, a girl best-friend is simply the side bih. Or the bih that the nigga plan on fucking sooner or later. Along the lines of, “Ion want no relations, I just want your facial.” Throw away ass bih.

The designated girl best-friend is basically a bih whom voluntarily agrees to being a side chick. Usually people post statuses asking who wants to be one and yo ole thirsty monkey ass go liking it. Then wind up getting fucked on, then get mad when the nigga go to talking to another bih, but bih, you set yourself up for the finesse bag bih. Ain’t no obligations bih.

Funny thing is, people actually feel the need to have certain unnecessary roles filled in their lives. It’s completely contrived and superficial and serves no other purpose other than to appeal to and maintain ones status in the in-group. In this age of “talking,” a girl best-friend is virtually what a girlfriend is, but no no no, gotta have a “girl best-friend” too, at my girlfriend’s expense of course. This just the bih I go get some weak ass head from when you on your period. “Nun major.”

I drop free game on females all the damn time but they stubborn asses don’t listen. They genuinely think they nigga friends ain’t plotting; like they ain’t playing that “friend” role just to scroke that pwussy one time. I say the shit all the time. Niggas and females cannot be “just friends.” That’s a conflict of interest on his behalf lol. I shouldn’t be absolute about it, but majority of the time, the aforementioned is true. Unless the nigga gay, then you probably won’t get set up for the finesse bag, but even then, a gay nigga will jump bi real quick if its the right bih. Niggas is tacticians nowadays. They will play that “gay” role to drop that rod up in ya. Some of y’all would probably let the nigga smash and be like “he gay tho,” afterwards.

*Sips Vanilla Coke* 

Ole “what are we” ass bih. Goddamn “I remember everything” ass bih. “Bae, Wake up” ass bih. “Post me as your WCW” ass bih. “Let me smoke a black” ass bih. “I bet you start loving me, as soon as I start loving someone else” ass bih. Strawberita drinking ass bih. Tattoo on thigh ass bih. Hoe ass bih.

“Boy Bestfriend”



Bae, side nigga, fuck buddy, brother

The shit females always asking to have. Basically a nigga to dump all their emotional baggage on. HIGHLY replaceable. I’m talking by the day nigga. Usually unappreciated and only hit up when the bih “in her feelings” over another nigga. May be used to mend a broken heart and to confide in, or simply a nigga to fuck under a more socially acceptable title although details of any fucking is best not to be broadcast. Expected to bombard the bih with compliments and good morning texts. A deviation in routine “head boosting” equals being cut off.

In short, the current side nigga.

A yes-man ass nigga. Ole “I’ll eat yo ass” ass nigga. “Tag me in yo pic” ass nigga. “What’s yo kik” ass nigga. “Do my tbh” ass nigga. “Imma like all her pics so she notice me” ass nigga. “Match up” ass nigga. Take the bih to work and don’t get no gas money ass nigga. Hoe ass nigga.

Eric Sheppard Jr. Pt. 2

I will continue to make posts about Eric as long as updates are being made regarding his status. From my understanding, he has been extradited back to Valdosta, GA and had his first hearing yesterday at 2:40 P.M. EST. Unfortunately, the court refused to wait for his attorney to arrive so it is unclear whether or not he had adequate legal representation. As a result, Sheppard is being held in the Lowndes County Jail without bail. after being denied bond by the Lowndes County magistrate. However, he can appeal the magistrate’s decision and appear before a superior court judge in the next two weeks. The only charge given to him at this juncture is CARRYING A WEAPON WITHIN SCHOOL SAFETY ZONE.” 

Here is a report that his attorney Davis Bozeman made following his arrest:  11390129_651027101664799_1016751164354250407_n

Sheppard was arrested for allegedly bringing a gun on campus, essentially. Although it hasn’t been proven whether or not the gun actually belongs to Eric or that he brought it on campus, it has been used as a motive to hunt Sheppard down and detain him. This is part of which alarmed White America which viewed him as a terrorist, as a modern-day Nat Turner so-to-speak; plotting to exact vengeance and escape oppression.

Their Terrorist. Our Hero. 



“Life is Life,” Why do we kill Insects?

So, I scroll down my Facebook timeline as I normally do when stricken with ennui and I see one of my friends pose the question of “Why do we kill bugs?” Her answer is “because we fear them.” I found this to be absolute fallacy and rather narrow-minded to say the least. As with a good number of people who proclaim to be “conscious,” the people whom commented expressed their consensus with her sentiments by claiming that they felt bad when they killed a roach or that if they found an insect in their home they would catch it and let it free outside. Understandable, I sometimes do the same, but killing is absolutely necessary in some instances. Some of them believe that common household pests pose no threat to health and towards property. I beg to differ. 

So I challenged their thinking:

“I hardly think a roach infestation is healthy. Same with mice and just about any other pest that will take over your dwelling and probably impair your health while doing so. I had a wasp infestation in my room where literally dozens of them would just fly aimlessly into my room.

A question I have is this: Do animals and insects follow the same code of ethics that we do? Do they respect life? Or do they impose their will for their own survival?”

I thought those were very pertinent questions. Another friend of hers commented shortly after I did and affirmed what I said:

“Insects don’t care about anyone. A bee won’t say I really shouldn’t sting this person. A fly won’t say I shouldn’t vomit and shit on this persons head.”

From what I have noticed, several people in this “spiritual” community subscribe to the idea that everything is interconnected and that we should respect all life and that humans aren’t above any other form of life. Many of them have stopped eating meat in favor of a vegan lifestyle. I agree to a certain extent. Yes, everything on this physical plane is interconnected in some fashion. Yes, we should respect all life. However, I believe every group views themselves as more important and higher than other forms of life. I highly doubt that cats view dogs as equals. I highly doubt that lions in the Serengeti view their prey as equals. Hell, humans have a hard enough time viewing themselves as equals.

What I find funny though is that they spout all of this “life is life” rhetoric yet some of them probably own pets or condone doing so, subscribe to having abortions, and kill “innocent” plant life for sustenance. For survival. But, “life is life” though. Plants have feelings too!Humans aren’t above anything,” yet take ownership and confine animal life to cages and zoos. Preposterous.

The basis of life is survival. Simple. Your species and the proliferation thereof, by any means necessary. The survival of the fittest.

Sure,  some of us do kill bugs and animals based on the pretense of fear, or assumed fear. However, animals do the same. It is nature to want to defend yourself in order to ensure your own survival.

I guess we should all just meditate all day in a festering wasteland of shit and infestation. Better yet, let disease carrying insects and animals defile and bite you. Why not? “Life is life,” right?

Caitlyn-Bruce Jenner

Mama name him Bruce, imma call him Bruce …


William Bruce Jenner (1949-2015). I initially refused to even waste my finger energy typing about such irrelevance as Bruce Jenner getting a sex change. Bih got titties bih. However, it has come to my attention that he (yes I will call him what he is) will be receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY’s for his supposed bravery. I didn’t know tucking your dick warranted awards; especially when your choice has absolutely nothing to do with sports or athletics; but hey, anything goes for privileged white men I suppose?

Social media descended into foofaraw. I personally found majority of the memes hilarious. Bruce garnered more attention than the expiration of the Patriot Act and the NSA’s surveillance on American citizens. Without saying, much of the attention that was focused on police terrorism (specifically Michael Brelo) has dissipated within the thick smoke of marginal issues. Jenner’s sex change unequivocally at the forefront. However, I do not find this particular “gender” issue as appalling as others I have witnessed in recent years. Michael Sam’s media frenzy was much, much worse. Phone calls from Obama, really? But when women and children are being murdered by police, there is no understanding; only glossed over talk about how he was profiled before his political career and his acclaim of police and why we should respect the same people that are oppressing us; but that is neither here or there.

Jenner is cut from the same cloth as the rest of his family. He is an opportunist, much like Lord Jamar implied about Kylie. There is absolutely no reason to gloat about on the front of magazines about your gender transition. Who the fuck cares? I can understand being a voice to the “voiceless” other transgender and confused persons out there, but again, his actions seem rather gratuitous and insincere if you ask me. Sure, being a role model for the “voiceless” can and probably will be used as a pretext, but I believe that Jenner is ultimately parading himself around with his own ulterior interests in mind.

All-in-all, I could care less about Bruce Jenner. There are much more pressing issues to worry about than a rich white man tucking his dick to become a woman. I don’t care too hear the faulty premises about this contrived “third gender” gobbledygook either. I am empathetic towards others’ feelings and modus operandi; however I do not support it one bit. I stand by that firmly. Again to be concise, I am not a supporter of the LGBT community. I never have and I never will. Crucify me. I do believe that they should have the right to marry despite my position. However, I do not subscribe nor will I condone their lifestyle. As I have said before, my moral compass is not driven by religious zeal or political affiliation. This is from my own frame of reference. Of course, I will probably be labeled a “homophobic bigot” and all other types of irrational and completely farcical ad hominems simply because I am not PC (politically correct) and say what they would like me to. Go figure.

Well Father’s Day is soon approaching. I wonder if good ‘ole Bruce Bruce will be celebrating honorarily. For old time’s sake, ya know?