Eric Sheppard Jr. Pt. 2

I will continue to make posts about Eric as long as updates are being made regarding his status. From my understanding, he has been extradited back to Valdosta, GA and had his first hearing yesterday at 2:40 P.M. EST. Unfortunately, the court refused to wait for his attorney to arrive so it is unclear whether or not he had adequate legal representation. As a result, Sheppard is being held in the Lowndes County Jail without bail. after being denied bond by the Lowndes County magistrate. However, he can appeal the magistrate’s decision and appear before a superior court judge in the next two weeks. The only charge given to him at this juncture is CARRYING A WEAPON WITHIN SCHOOL SAFETY ZONE.” 

Here is a report that his attorney Davis Bozeman made following his arrest:  11390129_651027101664799_1016751164354250407_n

Sheppard was arrested for allegedly bringing a gun on campus, essentially. Although it hasn’t been proven whether or not the gun actually belongs to Eric or that he brought it on campus, it has been used as a motive to hunt Sheppard down and detain him. This is part of which alarmed White America which viewed him as a terrorist, as a modern-day Nat Turner so-to-speak; plotting to exact vengeance and escape oppression.

Their Terrorist. Our Hero. 




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