“Boy Bestfriend”



Bae, side nigga, fuck buddy, brother

The shit females always asking to have. Basically a nigga to dump all their emotional baggage on. HIGHLY replaceable. I’m talking by the day nigga. Usually unappreciated and only hit up when the bih “in her feelings” over another nigga. May be used to mend a broken heart and to confide in, or simply a nigga to fuck under a more socially acceptable title although details of any fucking is best not to be broadcast. Expected to bombard the bih with compliments and good morning texts. A deviation in routine “head boosting” equals being cut off.

In short, the current side nigga.

A yes-man ass nigga. Ole “I’ll eat yo ass” ass nigga. “Tag me in yo pic” ass nigga. “What’s yo kik” ass nigga. “Do my tbh” ass nigga. “Imma like all her pics so she notice me” ass nigga. “Match up” ass nigga. Take the bih to work and don’t get no gas money ass nigga. Hoe ass nigga.


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